Tarboro Brewing Co. to open second site


Brew assistant, Dustin Thompson pours a sample of beer for testing Tuesday, Jan 31 at Tarboro Brewing Company in Tarboro.


By Corey Davis

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Rocky Mount Mills will soon have a new restaurant and craft brewery moving into the former Sweet Taters’ location.

Tarboro Brewing Co. owned by Steven and Inez Ribustello will open an additional space at the Rocky Mount Mills next month. Inez Ribuestello said the new restaurant and brewery called Tarboro Brewing Co. West will begin operations on March 1 inside the 2,100-square-foot millhouse at 1121 Falls Road.

Inez Ribustello said Tarboro Brewing Co. will continue to operate its brewery in Tarboro, which opened in February 2016 at 526 N. Main St. in downtown Tarboro. The staff is already in place for Tarboro Brewing Co. West, she added.

“We think they will help each other and we don’t think one is going to harm another,” she said. 

Inez Ribuestello said Tarboro Brewing Co. is excited about the commitment Capitol Broadcasting Co. has made in the Rocky Mount area with the ongoing development happening at the mixed-use campus.

“We really believe they’re interested in making Eastern North Carolina a better place,” Ribuestello said. “They’ve been great partners to the community. We’re glad to be working with them and set up shop in that area. This is going to be another great place to sell our beer. Tarboro and Rocky Mount are pretty close to each other. Rocky Mount will allow us to get a different clientele and a different set of traffic.”

The Ribustellos, who are known in the Twin Counties as wine stewards, are owners of the On The Square restaurant also in downtown Tarboro.

Evan Covington Chavez, development manager for the Rocky Mount Mills, said the Ribustellos bring a known commodity to the Rocky Mount Mills.

“Inez and Steven both have a great reputation throughout Eastern North Carolina, and we’re excited that they’re interested in adding onto the already great things happening in Tarboro,” she said.

Inez Ribuestello acknowledged the menu is still a work in process, while people should expect some unique ingredients in the beer that will be served. Tarboro Brewing Co. is known for its ale craft beers.

“We’re still working on food concepts and we should have that nailed down soon,” she said. “The kitchen in there is small, and there isn’t a whole lot of space to work around. With the brewery, we’re going to be able to do some special recipes. They’ve got a big brewery capacity in Tarboro, and this gives them the ability to test out some things on a smaller scale. We feel people are going to find this is going be a different spot than at Tarboro Brewing Co.”

Tarboro Brewing Co. joins Ramblers Bottle Shop, The Tap @ 1918 and Tipsy Tomato as upcoming developments coming to the Rocky Mount Mills in the near future.

“We’re very excited with the bottle shop, and the restaurant openings as using them as catalysts to sort of kick off our music series that is going to happen in the spring and summer,” Chavez said. “Once we are done with the restaurants in the spring, it’s going to be a different landscape out there.”