Letter to the Editor: Politics reflects social decay


Sunday, October 14, 2018

The debate surrounding the selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s Supreme Court for me was never about partisan politics.

When his nomination went through, it confirmed for me that there is a deep, ongoing decay in our society’s moral fiber, a toxic infection in our humanity.

It shows up when people in this nation cannot empathize with a fellow human being who has suffered from abuse. Isn’t she someone’s daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt? How can anyone possibly think that any female would lie so she would expose her shame and impotence after an attack by a more powerful man?

I am not so much disgusted by Kavanaugh as by the countless, so-called decent folks who still stood by him even after being shown what a despicable human being he is. Kavanaugh is another typical example of the entitled white male in the ruling class who feel they are above the law or society’s morality.

In this country of great inequality, we are already aware of two different sets of rules for the haves and the have-nots. The farce is that the have-nots who think that by hanging fawningly on the coattails of the haves, perhaps one day they will be noticed and thrown some crumbs from the table. Or maybe they already have the crumbs but now they want more.

The erosion in our humanity starts when we have a production system that makes commodities mainly for exchange, so profit can keep growing and power is associated with wealth and possession of things. This economic system gives rise to unequal classes of people and also the total disregard for Nature so long as a profit can be made. The social wealth produced by millions of workers and stolen by companies and multinational corporations for their own benefits is now a global phenomenon.

For me, this economic production is the foundation for the centuries of programming of people under this system to be selfish, egocentric, individualistic, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and homophobic. It is any surprise that this country is now headed by the one person who epitomizes all of these traits? Are you comfortable supporting such a leader?

The tragedy is not the behavior of the people in the ruling class but the large numbers of followers who behave like sheep, never questioning and always willing to do their bidding, even if it means going over a cliff.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount