September 16, 2019

Barbara Edge says she can’t pinpoint exactly why she has such a positive attitude and friendly personality.

Edge, 59, is a member of the environmental services team at Nash UNC Health Care and has a reputation among her coworkers as always being friendly and willing to reach out to patients…

Floyd anniversary brings flood of memories

September 15, 2019

Twenty years have passed since Hurricane Floyd targeted the Twin Counties, but long-time residents will remember Sept. 15, 1999, as the Day the 500-Year Flood Came.

For on that day and far into the night and the next day, it rained. And rained. And rained. Not gentle rains or steady downpours. It…

Reassuring approach elevates empathetic atmosphere

September 09, 2019

Otis Barnes may work primarily for the security department at Nash UNC Health Care, but he approaches his job more like a minister or psychologist.

As a member of the security team, Barnes can usually be found at the metal detector at the entrance to the emergency department or in the Women’s…

Debutantes presented to society at annual ball

September 08, 2019

Six young women with local ties made their social debut on Friday at the 93rd annual North Carolina Debutante Ball sponsored by the Raleigh Terpsichorean Club.

The debutantes were:

Frances Jane Anderson of Tarboro is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cutchin Anderson. Her father served as her…